Industrial real estate in Mexico—done.

We partner with multinational organizations to start and grow their manufacturing and distribution within Mexico.


Industrial Real Estate

  • Bypass tariffs with USMCA
  • Logistics + compliance advantage
  • Proximity to US road/rail/port(s)

Assisted Manufacturing

  • Competitive, quick recruiting
  • Quality control procedures
  • 5S, lean + other methodologies

Seize Mexico’s key competitive advantages.

Ideal geography

Strategic trade reach reduces overall cost, time in transit and carbon footprint.

Friendly Policy

Business-minded government promotes an economy primed to foreign investment.

Qualified Labor

Large pool of competitive, skilled talent with generations of industrial work culture.

IP Protection

Intellectual property stays secure with one of the toughest IP law courts on the globe.

We strive for productive, long-lasting cooperation.

Upgrade your supply chain and join others already successfully manufacturing in Mexico.
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We'll be your local partners…

We're happy to help with the selection of existing class-A infrastructure; to make your investment in Mexico quick and profitable.
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